The teachers of Colombia are still on strike fighting for education funding. The teachers' union FECODE is calling for a reduction in class sizes, investment in the system’s crumbling infrastructure, the provision of janitors and other maintenance personnel, school lunches and public transport for students, improved teacher training, and compliance with wage agreements committed to by the Colombian government in 2016. FECODE presented the Ministry of Education with its list of demands in late February.

 When talks with the government failed to show progress, the federation launched a national strike that has included huge colourful marches, multi-day treks by hundreds of teachers from the provinces to the capital city, and classes in the streets. The actions culminated June 6 with the “occupation of Bogota,” by more than 100,000 teachers and their supporters.


In a sinister development, three teachers have been assassinated in recent days. Assassinations of union activists, and in particular of teachers, have been a terrible feature of the struggle for social justice in Colombia in the recent past, as we have reported on this


Teachers and communities have taken part in a torchlight procession as well as a traditional march featuring the banging of pots and pans earlier this week. FECODE are demanding direct talks with the President Juan Manuel Santos.


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