Thousands of teachers in the Colombian teachers' union Fecode, have been on strike for a week as they demand improved spending on education. Teachers' leaders say that government spends more money on war than it does on schools, and that class sizes are typically as large as 45.

The government has tried to frame the strike as being solely in the  teachers' economic interests. However it is about much more than salaries. FECODE is striking for improved infrastructure, food and transport programmes, and internet and sports facilities for schools. 

Thousands of others joined the teachers in demonstrations around the country. Other public sector workers also took action for improved spending as did some indigenous communties. In the capital Bogota, roads were blockaded on Tuesday. The union has held teach-ins and assemblies to explain their struggle.

Reports say that talks have been resumed today with the government, which had said there would be no money for increased spending till 2019 at the earliest.