11,000 teachers in the Indian state of Punjab have been unpaid for the last six months, according to reports. One teacher told : "We live in a rented house and my sisters and brother are studying in college. You can imagine our condition. This is theĀ  worst period of our lives which we are facing."

This is just the latest example of a situation which obtains in many parts of the global South, particularly in parts of Africa and South Asia. What makes it doubly ironic, is that the teachers were all hired on temporary contracts by the Sarva Shiksha Abihyan (SSA) scheme, which translates as Education for All. These schemes are promoted in particular by the World Bank, which encourages the use of temporary contracts, both to discipline teachers and to save money. They then go on to when education for all targets are not met.

This website is continually reporting struggles of teachers both over temporary contracts and unpaid salaries. Teachers are often working to educate children, facing often appalling conditions in school and poverty at home. Meanwhile the well-paid economists and policy makers at the World Bank continue to mouth platitudes about educating children, while destroying the livelihoods and morale of the very people who are attempting to provide it.