An Indian Government Official that there is no reason why public schools should not be handed over to the private sector along with jails, colleges and previously government led infrastructure projects. Amitabh Kant, who is the CEO of Niti Ayoog the Institution for 'Transforming India' which was set up by the Modi government cited the examples of Canada and Australia and said that the 'private sector is capable of doing very good work in creation of quality infrastructure over a long period of time in social sector.'

This policy has been pursued vigorously in the state of Punjab in neighbouring promoted by Sir Michael Barber, till recently chief education adviser for Pearson, and put into practice by Shabaz Sharif who is about to take over as Prime Minister after his brother was barred due to a huge corruption scandal. The results are continually being contested by teachers there.

Meanwhile outfits like , part of the Pearson investment portfolio has provided such inferior infrastructure and teaching quality in parts of Africa that it has been barred from providing education in Uganda.

Even a study by a privatising force in both the UK and India could not find any substantial evidence that privatisation improved education for the poor.

We can only echo the statement of Bangalore based education campaigner Niranjan Aradhya, sent in an email to this site: 

The people who believe in the principle that education is a tool for social transformation will never think of opening it to market. Education being a social good, the state has prime responsibility to provide equitable quality education to all children through public funded national education system.


The civil society organizations, social movements and all political parties who believe in the values of equality, social justice and a socialist democratic republic should strongly protest against this statement by the Niti Ayog chief. Otherwise, our silence on this will be taken as approval to initiate the process