Teachers in Oaxaca, Mexico led protests last Thursday against a visit by the President Pena Nieto to open a new cultural centre. Security forces used teargas in an attempt to repel the protests, as teachers and their allies blocked streets in an effort to prevent the visit, which preceded a conference of entrepreneurs interested in exploiting the natural resources of the area.

Leaders of the CNTE section of the teachers' union said that Nieto was not welcome in Oaxaca, which has been the epicentre of the struggle against education 'reforms'. These will see the effective end of indigenous education and educators and the primacy of a US, anglo-centric, corporate model of education in contrast to the kind of locally based democratic education for which the CNTE has always fought.

Meanwhile parents and friends of the 43 students teachers disappeared in Ayotzinapa are coming up to the fourth anniversary of their abduction with no end in sight to their quest of answers from the state.

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