An injunction has been issued preventing the Kenyan National Union of Teachers and its general secretary Wilson Sossion from speaking about Bridge International Academies (BIA) pending legal proceedings.

BIA, an outfit in which megacorp Pearson invests, provides so-called 'low fee' private schools in many countries across the global south as for many years on this website. Its business plan involves hiring unqualified staff who deliver a scripted curriculum in substandard buildings. For this reason it has been baned in Uganda and parts of Kenya. It is for exposing this business plan and taking part in a protest against Pearson in London last month, that BIA is suing Sossion and the KNUT.

The British National Union of Teachers, which has been in the forefront of exposing both BIA and Pearson - a UK company - has sent a letter to the CEO of Pearson demanding that they withdraw their support from BIA. The UK Department for International Development actively promotes and supports the growth of 'low-fee' private schools across the global South. Such schools aim to make money from what is cynically known as 'the bottom of the pyramid' - in other words the poorest parents who are desperate that at least one of their children should be educated, against a background where public education in the South is chronically underfunded and teachers are on poverty pay.

KNUT and Sossion have a of standing up for public education, which is an example to teachers everywhere, including in the North where education is increasingly being viewed as a source of profit rather than a public good.

Both Pearson's promotion of BIA and their dystopian view of education is clear on the video below