A mass demonstration took place in Poland yesterday against education reforms, proposed by the right wing government. The organisers of the protest, the Polish teachers union, estimate that 50,000 people took part in the rally in the capital Warsaw.

The reforms will mean the closure of many schools and the loss of teaching jobs, union leaders say. Not only that but the government is centralising the curriculum to enforce 'patriotic values' - a worrying development in a country run by a government, whose representatives are happy to compare themselves with good reason to US President elect Donald Trump. The country has declined to take a single asylum seeker, despite the desperate plight of refugees on Europe's borders, because of 'security fears.'

Ironically, Poland was hailed as a success story by the OECD in its PISA ratings, a success which in part came about thanks to less segregation of children and schools' freedom to design their own curriculum to suit their local communities. All this is likely to change, thanks to the government's plans, but resistance is growing in the country. Recently there have been mass protests against the government's proposal to ban abortion. Education is now set to be another important front for struggle.