Teachers in Greece are among thousands of public sector workers who will lose their jobs, if measures being voted on by the Greek government this evening (17th July 2013) are passed. The teachers and other workers are rallying today outside the Greek parliament demanding that the cuts be not made.

The sackings and suspensions are the latest round of cuts at the behest of the Troika (the European Central Bank, the European Union and the IMF), faithfully carried out by the coalition government, which seeks to justify the moves on the grounds of 'modernisation' of the public services. In the case of teaching, such 'modernisation' has involved the closure and merger of schools, pay and pension cuts, job losses, increased class sizes and a shocking lack of educational materials. 

The latest raft of cuts in education involve the destruction or privatisation of vocational education in the country. Pasted below is a statement from the Greek secondary teachers union OLME. At the bottom is an urgent request for solidarity. Please respond to these calls:





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To: International Organisations and Trade Unions

Athens, 15 July 2013

The Greek Government destroys Vocational Lyceums and Vocational Schools leading to teacher dismissals through the process of “sudden death”

The criminal complicity of our Government and the Troika all along with the consent and connivance of the Minister of Education, are condemning 2500 teachers in Greece to 8-month suspension with 75% of their basic statutory salary, prior to their dismissal. At the same time, they are preparing the transference of 5000 secondary education teachers to primary education.

With a multi-bill the Government destroys three sectors of our Vocational Education (one of them is the health sector). This means that next September 20.000 students will be looking for their Vocational Lyceums and schools and they will not find them. In this way the government concedes a large part of the Vocational Secondary Education to the private sector. Further changes and dismissals are expected in September...

We condemn this ruthless policy that literally destroys both public school and vocational education in our country, condemning thousands of teachers to unemployment and their families to poverty.

The multi-bill is expected to pass on the evening of 17/07/2013. You are kindly asked you to send your urgent resolutions to the Minister of Education and Religious Affairs, Mr. Konstantinos Arvanitopoulos (minister@minedu.gov.gr), the Minister of Administrative Reform and E-governance, Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis (ydmed@ydmed.gov.gr) and the Prime Minister, Mr. Antonis Samaras (pressoffice@primeminister.gr).

Please, do not forget to send us a copy of your resolutions at olme@otenet.gr and interolme@yahoo.gr

For the E.B of OLME

The president Secretary General


Themis Kotsifakis Stamatis Nikolaou