bloggaza.jpg   Children playing among the ruins in Gaza The Palestinian Ministry for Education has issued a report stating that 20 school children have been killed in Gaza by Israeli troops since the beginning of the latest attacks 2 more children have been killed in the West Bank and 10 have been injured in Gaza on top of those killed. The Rafah Marty School and the Beer Al Sabeaa secondary schools were both attacked by troops. In addition children in the encircled town of Qualqualia in the West Bank were not able to attend school because of curfews imposed by the Israeli army. The ministry made the folowing appeal: “The Ministry of Education and Higher Education strongly urges the international community, international human rights organizations, children's rights' groups and NGOs to investigate the conditions of education under occupation. All those NGO's and international bodies are invited to intervene & lobby against oppressive Israeli procedures to hopefully end Palestinian children's suffering, and to stop Israeli occupation and suffering. Palestinian children should be able to exercise their right to attend their schools and colleges safely and freely, and also ensure that teachers would be able to arrive to their work sites and perform their duties as secured by international law.”