Protestors in Syria 25 children are among the dead killed by security forces in Syria during the ongoing demonstrations According to reports coming out of the country - where foreign reporters are banned - there are 25 children among the over 1000 protestors who have been killed by security forces in Syria. According to a statement reported on Associated Press some of the children died under severe torture, including a 13 year old boy Hamza Alkhateeb who took part in demonstrations in Daraa after security forces killed his cousin. He was kidnapped by security forces and his body returned to his family covered with signs of torture. Hamza's death has become a focus of demonstrations, with activists posting on Facebook: "We will go out from every home, from every district to express our anger (at the killing)”. Despite the fact that security forces are using live ammunition, that 10,000 people have been arrested including Hamza's father - the demonstrations against the President Bashar alAssad show no signs of letting up. Meanwhile in Yemen demonstrations continue against western ally Saleh. Earlier this month teachers were killed in protests against the government (see previous posts) and in Egypt where teachers are part of the new independent trade union movement there have been fresh protests in Tahrir square demanding that reforms be speeded up.