A million Brazilian teachers are expected to strike across the country tomorrow, 15th March, against reforms to the social security system being brought in by the right wing government of Michel Temer. If the reforms pass, it will mean that people, including teachers, will have to work till they are 65 in order to access their pensions. The reforms will have a particular impact on women, who the union points out take on the vast majority of work in the home as well as their paid work. Teachers have previously been able to retire earlier in line with the stressful nature of their occupation.

The teachers union CNTE has called educators from all sectors out on strike for ten days, but this may increase if there is no resolution. There will also be mass rallies in towns up and down the country.

Temer came to power after the ousting of Dilma Roussef, who had been accused of corruption. However, Temer himself is also facing corruption charges and has steered the government yet further in the direction of cuts, attacks on public services and pro-market, pro-rich policies. Brazilian education is desparately underfunded, a situation which has been fought for years by teachers and also school students standing up for public education. To read an archive of the these struggles go here.