Since Mary Compton created this website much has changed in teachers unions and the global struggle  to protect children, public education, and democracy from powerful elites who put profits over people. Mary was a committed teacher, union leader, and activist-scholar, who fought to create solidarity "from below" between teachers struggling across the world.

In the past four years we have witnessed amazing developments in teacher unionism globally. New generations of teachers have realized that unions can and should be vehicles for social progress and for educational improvements and that education activists throughout the world share common problems and need to collaborate, learning with and from one another, supporting each others' struggles.

Mary's energy, good humor, drive, personal experience as a union officer and leader, and capacity to analyze research made for a unique combination of talent, skill, connections, and passion. Since her death we have seen she was irreplaceable. No one else has had the breadth of knowledge of research, politics, and activism to uphold the standards Mary set when she managed this website.  

After much consideration, the people Mary entrusted to continue her work have decided the best way to be true to the mission is to maintain the site as an archive, with material for researchers and activists.  We will no longer host new content here but the Teacher Solidarity FaceBook page will continue. We encourage you to post information, analysis, and ideas about building solidarity among teachers globally on the FaceBook page.

To find out more about this site, please go to this page and read more information about Mary, through some of the many tributes made to her.

To honor Mary we can continue her life's work, working in and with teachers unions to defend the rights of all children to have a quality public education.