At least 20 children, most of them under 12, were killed yesterday in air strikes against a school complex in the village of Hass, near Idlib in Northern Syria according to reports.

The bombs hit just as the children were leaving the school and rescuers anticipate that the casualty numbers will rise. There were three schools in the complex which were reduced to rubble. 15 adults were also reported killed, including at least six teachers.

These raids have been blamed on Russian or Syrian jets attacking Syrian rebels. Amnesty International is also reporting that up to 300 civilians have been killed by US led air strikes over the last two years.

As the great powers rain their lethal weapons onto the area, it is civilians and in this case children who are paying the price, in this dreadful case with their young lives. Many more have fled into peril on treacherous seas or are being used as child labour by global corporations in Turkish refugee camps.