Pro-Democracy Demonstration in Algeria last Year 70 Algerian contract teachers were arrested last week for taking part in peaceful protests The teachers were arrested after demonstrating outside a job recruitment fair which was being visited by high-ranking government officials, outside the Ministry of Labour and outside the Presidential Palace. They were protesting against the practice of hiring contract teachers - of which there are 40,000 in Algeria - with no employment rights and low salaries - a practice which is common throughout the Global South and is encouraged by the World Bank. The 70 teachers arrested were all activists and national committee members of SNAPAP (the Algerian public sector union)'s contract workers' section. The teachers have subsequently been released and their arrest was condemned by the International Trades Union Congress (ITUC) Teachers and students have been in the forefront of the fight against neo-liberal policies and lack of democracy in Algeria. As recently as last October, teachers were on strike for improved pay and conditions and against the government's increasing control over the curriculum. Around the same time 50 contract teachers went on hunger strike, after they were sacked when their contracts expired.