Students Demonstrate in Algiers A teachers' demonstration on Saturday was broken up by baton wielding police Hundreds of teachers demonstrated in the centre of Algiers but they were beaten back by policemen wielding truncheons. The teachers were demanding a salary increase. At he same time a demonstration by the group National Coordination for Democracy and Change was taking place and was also atacked by police. Teachers and students in Algeria have been in the forefront of protests against the military government. Last year they held protests and strikes against privatisation and neo-liberal policies despite the fact that they would be violently repressed under the state of emergency which has recently been lifted. (see previous posts) Teachers were planning to go on strike this week, but the strike call has been lifted for the time being, after the education minister pledged to take action on the teachers' demands. Earlier this month, dozens of students were injured when police attacked a demonstration calling for the resignation of the education minister.