Teachers Demonstrating in Algeria Teachers in Algeria have been on strike this week Once again teachers in Algeria are in the forefront of action against the government. Like the doctors who are also going on strike this week they are demanding decent pay and living conditions and are part of a wider movement for an end to the neo-liberal and dictatorial policies of the Algerian government which are widening the gap between the rich and the poor. In the case of education, they are increasing government control of the schools and curricula, while attacking national pay and conditions, such as they are. Earlier in the year Algerian teachers were in the forefront of the pro-democracy protests and were attacked by security forces when they demonstrated.  This week's strikes closed schools all across Algeria and were supported by parents - Khaled Dhaleb, the head of the Association of Schoolchildren's Parents said that the teachers' demands were legitimate and should be met by the president. In another related development 50 contract teachers who were sacked after their contracts expired are on hunger strike outside the Education Ministry in Algiers - joining their colleagues in Turkey, India and in many other countries both in the Gobal South and OECD countries who are being exploited in this way and are fighting back. (see previous post: http://www.teachersolidarity.com/blog/contract-teachers-a-world-bank-%e2%80%98solution%e2%80%99-for-education/)