algeria-riots-2010-1-7-11-43-37.jpg  Algerian Car Workers at a mass Rally Last Month Teachers in Algeria are set to go on strike again after the break down of negotiations over pay and back pay. The teachers - members of the Autonomous Union of Secondary and Technical Teachers (CNAPEST) - struck for three weeks last autumn and agreed to go back to work after the government agreed to resume negotiations over back pay which was owed to them. The strike is against the background of a wave of strikes in Algeria against the low wages and poor conditions in which many Algerians have to work and against the privatisation of state enterprises which is leading to large scale job losses. Some estimates put youth unemployment as high as 66% and young people are at the forefront of protests which are breaking out all over the country. There is widespread anger against perceived government corruption and complicity of some union leaders. As in many other countries on the African continent the massive mineral wealth- in this case oil - is not used for the benefit of the people but to enrich the thin layer of people who are already very wealthy and foreign corporations. Once again teachers are in the forefront of the struggle for social justice.