Young People demonstrating in Tunisia All schools and universities in Tunisia have been closed by the government as a result of the mass demonstrations against poverty, unemployment and corruption Education International has condemned the government's violent repression of the protests which have caused the deaths of scores of people. To read their report in full go to:  The police have been using live rounds to fire on demonstrators - many of whom are students and young people who have been frustrated by their inability to find work, despite often having good qualifications. This situation added to the extreme poverty in the country, meaning many people have not got enough to eat, while the gap between rich and poor has widened dramatically have caused the anger which is being manifested on the streets. Interestingly the IMF only recently congratulated the Tunisian government on its handling of the economy. Now however the President has fled - possibly to France - which used to be the colonial power in the country. As reported in the previous post the anger and protests are also spreading to neighbouring Algeria where similar problems obtain.