trinblog.jpg Participants at this year's Trinational Congress The Trinational Congress representing teachers in Mexico, the US and Canada met in Los Angeles last weekend. Lois Weiner, a delegate from New York reports: From my eye as a participant observer, close to 200 teacher union officers and  activists from Mexico, the US, and Canada gathered this weekend in Los Angeles for the Eighth Trinational Conference in Defense of Public Education. The UTLA (United Teachers' of Los Angeles), which represents education workers in the K-12 system and is an affiliate of both the NEA and the AFT,  hosted the conference.   Since NAFTA created new links among Mexico, the U.S. and Canada in 1994, education union activists from the three countries have met at a conference every two to three years.  The purpose has been to deepen understanding of the impact of the neo-liberal policies exemplified by NAFTA on public education and to find ways to work together in mutual support of public education in the three countries. Workshops included sessions on free trade agreements; emancipatory pedagogy; militarization; part-time workers and benefits;  privatization and standardized tests; and organizing coalitions of parents. In addition, time was set aside for activists in each of the three countries to network. More information and the program for the conference are available at the Trinational website: