ap.jpg  Teaching in Andhra Pradesh Teachers in the Indian province of Andhra Pradesh are to strike again to demand improvements in their pay and conditions As reported in September, teachers in the province are demanding the end to the so-called apprenticeship system for teachers which means that teachers have no security of tenure and which can also be used to hold down the pay of regular teachers. Apparently 600,000 jobs in the public sector in Andhra Pradesh are still unfilled. In addition teachers want free medical treatment, realistic help with their housing costs and an incremental pay system. The Joint Action Committee for Empployees, Teachers and Workers (JAC) is organising a series of hunger strikes and protests throughout November. The JAC has given the state government one month to sort out their grievances - after that the action will be stepped up. As well as coping with low pay, few facilities and often appalling conditions of work, teachers in India are also having to deal with the World Bank initiated progamme SSA (or Education for All) which is forcing primary school colleagues in particular to spend hours testing and collecting statistics with little time to teach. (see http://www.teachersolidarity.com/blog/indian-education-academic-says-millennium-development-goals-bad-for-education/#more-622)