and1.jpg  Class in Andhra Pradesh Teachers in the Andhra Pradesh state of India are to go on strike on September 7th against the anti-teacher policies of the state government The government is still using a so-called 'probationer' system for teaching appointments which means that they are able to hold down teachers' salaries and deny them job security. As in many parts of the Global South teachers in Andhra Pradesh are often working under very bad conditions and the state's actions sound very similar to those used in many parts of the world and reported on this site where so-called 'contract teachers' are used to hold down wage costs. This is a policy supported by the World Bank. The Andrha Pradesh United Teachers Federation is organising demonstrations and hunger strikes over the coming weeks as well as the September 7th stoppage which is timed to co-incide with an all India strike by the ten main trade unions against the privatisation policies of the Congress government, against rising prices and for good labour laws and job security.