Protests have been staged in at least 46 cities across Spain, signalling people's frustration with spending cuts and corruption. Since the onset of the econcomic crisis, Spain has seen huge cuts in all services, including in education - with schools closed, class sizes growing, teacher layoffs and a chronic lack of facilities as basic as heating, in some schools. Moreover more than half of the country's young people are unemployed. These developments have been met with determined resistance from teachers, students and communities, with mass protests particularly in the capital Madrid, teacher strikes and school occupations. These protests have been regularly on this site.

The latest round of protests was sparked in the northern town of Burgos, when the city decided to spend 8 million euros on remodeling a road, at the same time as it is closing schools, as well as other services, such as day centres for old people. Thousands gathered on the site of the planned remodelling and were met by riot police, resulting in many arrests and injuries. Since then there have been protests around the country, including in Madrid on Wednesday and Thursday of this week, which have also been met by riot police.

These protests are just the latest reaction to the attempts by governments to make ordinary people pay for the financial crisis, by attacking their living standards and the services on which they rely, such as education. Meanwhile, profits for the banks and corporations continue to rise and the gap between rich and poor becomes ever greater.