nigeblog5.jpg  Education Rights Campaigners in Nigeria Another state government in Nigeria has failed to honour its commitments to teachers who are now threatening all out strike action Teachers in the Delta state are threatening all out strike action following the failure of the government to pay arrears owed to teachers from 2006 and 2007 and their failure to honour new agreements for increments. Ironically it is in Delta state that multinational corporations are extracting billions of dollars worth of oil causing environmental and social havoc- meanwhile teachers are struggling to do their jobs in appalling conditions and for very little pay. As in many other countries - particularly in the Global South - Nigeria has suffered the attentions of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) which forces countries to cut public sepnding and privatise while at the same time the other half of the IMF - the World Bank - is ostensibly promoting universal primary education. In Nigeria this has led to sub standard primary and nursery schools being opened by private contractors. Many secondary schools too have been privatised. According to one Nigerian commentator:

'Complete liberalization and commercialization of education has handed over functional and qualitative education . . . to the highest bidders.In this scenario,what has generally become the state of affairs  is the mushrooming of sub-standard so-called “nursery and primary schools” with the calamity it has wrought on the products of these schools.  

'This has unfortunately resulted in the total deterioration of the existent basic education. Worst of all, acess remains at all time worst with over 3 million children out of school.'

 This strike follows the long running dispute by the Nigerian National Union of Teachers in Oyo state where again the government failed to pay teachers what was owed to them (see numerous previous posts)