A Young Demonstrator in Spain: 'No Home, no Job, no Pension, no Fear' Young people and other protestors are occupying the main square in Madrid in protest against government cuts Spain has the highest unemployment rate in Europe at 21% but amongst young people it is 45%. The protestors are demanding an end to cuts in education and health and an end to policies which favour the rich. Meanwhile their demonstration is spreading. There are demonstrations in many other cities in Spain, in Lisbon in Portugal - which is one of the countries in Europe facing the most severe economic crisis - demonstrations  in Italy and an occupation in Berlin. Spanish people have also held demonstrations outside embassies in the UK and Ireland. The young protestors in Madrid are holding placards with slogans like, 'we are not commodities!' On the first night of the occupation of Puerta del Sol square in Madrid, police cleared the demonstrators but this only incited them to come back and take it the next day - they are still camped there now even thought the government has declared the demonstration illegal owing to tomorrow's local elections in Spain.