euroblog.jpg  Teachers Demonstrating outside the European Parliament The European Social Forum has issued the following appeal to candidates in the forthcoming elections to the European parliament:

Appeal for a public, quality Education for allApril 2009

  We, as educationists, movements, organisations, trade unions, associations, and various components of civil society who participated in the ESF in Malmö, call on all candidates to European elections in June : 1) Education as a public good is a global priority and an inalienable human right which influences people's whole lives.2) This right is essential for the access to other rights, for the construction of values based on solidarity, for emancipation and the practice of citizenship.3) Public policies must ensure the realisation of these rights.4) It is the duty of the state to guarantee, on a free and universal basis, without discrimination or exclusion, the full right to an emancipatory public education, at all levels and phases from pre-school to university. For these reasons we are against all neoliberal policies in education and training : ·         Against the subordination of education to the needs of the market;·         Against the casualisation of school workers;·         Against the reinforcing of social inequalities;·         Against the impoverishment and dilution of the curriculum which deprives the majority of full access to culture. That is why education, as an inalienable right for all, must be a high quality public service: ·         For the success, qualification and development of all young people.·         For gender equality.·         For high quality professional training and conditions of work for all education workers.·         For increased public investment in education (at least 7% of GDP).·         For  critical thinking and active citizenship.·         For higher education and research placed at the service of the creation and democratic diffusion of knowledge.·         For the integration of students with special needs, and of immigrants and refugees;·         For participation, democracy and the rights of young people.·         For a cut in spending on war and an increase in spending on education.·         For the promtion of peace, cooperation, solidarity, and human rights without discrimination. In this perspective schools, further and higher education institutions and all sites of education must become a democratic and collective public place which welcomes, recognises, values and creates relationships among the different actors (teachers, students, parents and the community). We call on all candidates to European elections in June to choose Education as a priority in their program, a public, free, secular and quality Education, for a social and democratic Europe.