Teachers in schools serving Arab Christians in Israel have been on strike since September 1st over massive cuts to their funding. The strike was originally called by the Mayors of Arab communities, who say that their continued demands for adequate school facilities have not been met, despite repeated promises. Subsidies for Arab Christian schools have fallen from 75% to 29%. In Arab education as a whole there are 4,502 classrooms too few - a shortfall of about 30%. In early years education, the situation is even worse - the shortfall is 61%, meaning only 3,325 Arab infants have school places. 

Now Arab leaders are planning another strike in all Arab schools in the country if the funding issue is not resolved, saying that, “The planned general strike reflects the joint struggle of the entire Arab community against the continued discrimination of Christian schools.” The Israeli government is being accused of discrimination, not only by Arab Israeli leaders themselves but also by NGOs working in the country and opposition politicians. 

In addition to the strikes, parents, teachers and students have set up protest tents from Haifa to Jerusalem demanding equitable funding.