If you're the sort of teacher who enjoys drinking from a 'World's Best Teacher' mug in the school staffroom, then why not take smugness to the next level, and apply for the Varkey GEMS World's Best Teacher award? What's more, you'll get so much money that you'll never have to teach again.

The Varkey GEMS foundation, famous for its international chain of private schools, has put up an annual prize of a million dollars for a 'super-special' teacher. This is performance related pay like you've never seen it before.

Excited yet? It gets better. If you're one of the ten finalists you'll get to be one of only ten teachers at the 'Global Education Forum'. Dubbed education's Davos, you'll get to rub shoulders with education giants Bill Clinton and Tony Blair. What's more, the forum is held in sunny Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, famous for its futuristic architecture and systematic abuse of foreign labour.

And if that wasn't enough for you – then get ready for this: the prize is proudly sponsored by international consultancy firm Price Waterhouse Cooper. You'll be pleased to hear that they really value the value of teachers. Their annual CEO survey shows that, 'human capital development continues to rank as one of the highest priorities of global CEO’s, and our school teachers play a vital role in the early stages of a future employee’s development potential'.

So let's hear it for the Masters of the Universe. At least they're consistent – we're all in the global race but only one of us can come first – so whack in that application - you never know, it could be you!