Long Live the Struggle of the Chilean Students! Buenos Aires last Week Teachers demonstrated outside the Chilean embassy in Buenos Aires last week in support of Chilean Students Students and teachers in Chile are engaged in a protracted struggle against neo-liberal education policy in that country (see previous posts) and have been subject to violent crackdowns. The Argentine teachers demonstrated their support for them this week. Teachers in Buenos Aires have themselves been involved in a struggle to defend public education in that city which is seriously underfunded. Last year they struck in protest at the city's millionaire mayor's underfunding of education and in support of students who were occupying schools calling for more money to be spent on education. In another development the Central General Workers union (CGT) of Argentina blocked trucks from moving into Chile last week in solidarity with the students and teachers. Their General Secretary sent this letter to the Chilean College Teachers Union: "Dear fellow President College teachers of Chile" "In my capacity as Secretary General of the CGT Argentina, and in solidarity with the victims of the brutal suppression of the Chile Government yesterday against innocent people who only ask for a free education in Chile, I have come to inform them that we have resolved to halt any movement of trucks to Chile from Argentina from today." "We are hopeful that very soon Chile will retrieve a true democracy and condemn the brutal police repression in Chile."