Teachers in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires are continuing their struggle against the policies of millionaire businessman, Daniel Scioli - governor of the province of Buenos Aires. The teachers had rejected an offer of a paltry $76 - paid in four installments - to cover the costs of educational materials.

The Teachers Union Front (FGD) is planning 48 hour strike action next week and the government has escalated the action by saying they will stop the teachers' pay. The teachers are also calling for more investment in education. As one teachers' leader put it: “The lack of investment is impairing the quality of the public education service and neglecting vital development and infrastructure works which many schools are crying out for.” Teachers in Argentina have been engaged in a long running struggle for more money for education, often alongside students and communities. the Buenos Aires teachers joined a strike against police brutality used against health workers and patients campaigning against the privatisation of a day centre.

In recent months, teachers in the province have also been on strike against new laws which would see their employent and promotion decided by a computerised rating system. Meanwhile in Tierra del Fuego teachers and transport workers are calling for a strike against police repression of protesters.