argstud1.jpg  School Students Occupying a School in Buenos Aires Argentinian teachers are to go on strike against spending cuts this week in solidarity with students The school students are demonstrating and striking next week in Buenos Aires to demand improvements in school buildings. The teaching unions are demanding that the government increases the budget for education and teachers' salaries. They say there is a backlog of building work -with only 60% of planned school building work having been completed by the end of 2007 The students have been occupying at least 24 secondary schools in Buenos Aires demanding better conditions. They say that the buildings have multiple problems. One student told the website “We decided to take over the school because we cannot go on studying like this,” said Federico, who asked not to use his last name out of fear of retaliation by education officials. “This building is uncomfortable for the 1,500 students who come here every day. The bathrooms collapsed, the dividing walls are precarious, there is only one emergency exit and the elevators do not work.” Teachers say that the Buenos Aires muinicipality has a very low budget for education despite collecting more revenue than ever. Students say that the city government has a blacklist of students who lead the protests and teachers say that they too are persecuted by the government.