greek-tent.jpg  A Tent Protest of Unemployed Teachers outside the Greek Parliament Greek teachers joined other civil servants in a 24 hours strike this week to protest the government's savage cuts in public spending Meanwhile representatives from the Internaitonal Monetary Fund (IMF), the European Union and the European Commission were in Athens insisting on the measures. Greece has been hit very hard by the eonomic crisis (see previous posts) and now it at the mercy of the bond markets as they demand punishing rates of interest in exchange for loans. While the profiteers on the markets continue to plan massive profits from the crisis - teachers and education along with other public services vital to the mass of the people in Greece are told to take the brunt. The slogan 'we will not pay for your ciris' is being heard in Greece as it is in in many corners of the world. Meanwhile a group of unemployed teachers staged a tent protest outside the Greek parliament to co-incide with the strike and the IMF talks.