Teachersolidarity came across an interesting post this week, advertising an investment forum for Indian education and salivating at the prospect of what it describes as a '$92.98 billion market.'

The forum is being organised by a subsidiary of NewsCorp, the multi-billion dollar organisation owned by Rupert Murdoch. After the usual guff about education lifting people out of poverty, the post goes on to ask the pertinent question, 'How can one translate educational quality into business value?'

This isn't the first time Murdoch has attempted to extract profit from the global education 'business opportunity.' A few years ago he set up a company called Amplify to 'revolutionise' and disrupt the US education sector, which according to him was 'waiting desperately to be transformed.' Despite investing $1 billion in the company it failed to make a profit and 'disrupted' many students' education because its 'Education effort has been riddled with technology failures, fragile equipment (and) a disconnect between tablet marketers and content developers.' 

Now NewsCorp seems to be interested in 'revolutionising' education in India. As regular readers of this site will know, Indian teachers are involved in an almost constant struggle against poverty pay, temporary contracts, privatisation and a chronic underfunding of public education. The last thing they need is Rupert Murdoch on their case. We can only hope that he and his disciples fall flat on their face there as they have in the US.