The government of Iran is stepping up its oppression of Iranian teachers by arresting more of its leaders, according to the global rights organisation, Human Rights Watch (HRW). The organisation says that the government is sending out a message to teachers as the new school year commences this week to keep quiet. As we have been reporting, there were a series of strikes and protests over this year about the pitiful state of education funding in the country and the teachers' poverty wages. Iranian teachers earn as little as $100 a month, scarcely enough to keep body and soul together. They are also protesting discriminatory evaluation systems and  the lack of basic materials, as well as the increasing privatisation and commercialisation of education. 

These protests have carried on despite frequent harassment of those taking part by security forces. At least seven prominent teachers' leaders have been arrested. The most recent on September 6th, was a spokesman for the teachers association, Mahmoud Beheshti, who the day before had met the Vice-President of the country to talk about the problems that teachers face. The government has repeatedly cited 'security concerns' as the pretext for arresting teachers' leaders, but it is clear that they are simply trying to terrify teachers into silence.  

The brave teachers of Iran need all our support as they face another year of low education funding, poverty wages and oppression.