Teachers campaigning to save public Further Education last Week Teachers in different parts of Australia are taking action against cuts, privatisation and deregulation of teaching Neo-liberal reforms in New South Wales mean that  many teachers will be employed on a temporary basis - it will be up to the school to decide whether to take on a permanent or temporary teacher. In this way, the state government aims to save money and it is also capping money for example for special needs students, according to a speech by the President of the NSW teachers' federation. Teachers in NSW took strike action against these measures earlier this month. Meanwhile the federal government is making moves towards the privatisation of further education or TAFE provision - a move which is also being contested by teachers across Australia with demonstrations, lobbies and work action. The moves towards privatisation are being accompanied by massive cuts in provision which are affecting students who are already hard hit by fee increases. And in the state of Victoria, 96% of teachers and principals have voted for a strike next week against performance related pay proposals, a below inflation pay deal and the drive to get 'productivity gains' from teachers. All of these developments across Australia are typical of the kinds of neo-liberal reforms which are being pressed on teachers all over the world - both in the OECD countries and in the Global South and like teachers in so many other parts of the world, the teachers in Australia are fighting back.