aeu1.gif  An AEU Campaign Poster The Australian Education Union (AEU) has voted to boycott national tests The national executive of the AEU voted unanimously at their meeting today to boycott the so-called NAPLAN tests which can be used to create league tables of schools. The majority of parents in Australian state schools have been shown in polls to be in favour of the action. Meanwhile Education Secretary Julia Gillard suggested that parents administer and invigilate the tests if teachers boycott them. This was roundly rejected by a parents' group in New South Wales - the NSW Parents and Citizens' Association. Their president Di Giblin told the Daily Telegraph that it wasn't the parents' job to supervise tests. She said: "Such action can only lead to the driving of a wedge between the key partners in a child's formal educational experience, the parent and the teacher." Angelo Gavrielatos, the AEU Federal President said the union had been trying for months to get the Federal Government to 'act to prtoect students from the damaging effects of league tables and the misuse of student data.'  Meanwhile the UK National Union of Teachers are also ballotting at the moment for a boycott of tests. On the AEU website there is an interview with an Australian teacher who has worked in England talking about the damaging effect of leagues tables in that country on students and communities. Go to for more details