Student teachers in the Ayotzinapa training college in Mexico have been targeted once again by police. According to , the students were on their way home in several buses from the Guerrero state capital, when police rammed them from the back, breaking bus windows and attacking them with tear gas and batons. Witnesses say some students were taken from the buses and beaten, 18 were injured and taken to hospital including one with a broken leg and another with serious mouth injuries after being kicked in the face. 13 were arrested but later released.

It almost defies belief that the students could have been targeted after the tragic events of September 2014, when 3 of their number were killed and 43 forcibly disappeared by police. The 43 have never been found again alive or dead. Ironically the students had been collecting money and campaigning on behalf of their missing comrades when they were attacked.

This shocking attack took press attention away from the imposition of teacher evaluations, which have been enforced with the help of armed security forces, particularly in Oaxaca where the opposition to these corporate 'reform' measures have been most powerful.

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