Saturday saw mass demonstrations in Mexico and pickets of Mexican embassies around the world, demanding justice for the 43 student teachers who were abducted a year ago. In Mexico City fountains ran red in a graphic portrayal of the violence of the Mexican state, as thousands marched demanding justice. And in New York, President of Mexico Pena Nieto was greeted with cries of 'Assassin!' 

In a statement an alliance of critical trade unionists and advocates of public education insist that the fight goes on:

The Ayotzinapa student teachers were repressed for being young, and therefore “rebellious”, for being future teachers with a social commitment; and because teachers nowadays are categorised as dangerous, all of us, from basic education to higher education; and because the transnational corporations and their government are bent on privatizing education. 

The statement points out that the abduction of the students was part of a state policy of stamping on dissent at a time when it is busy selling off the country's assets to its corporate friends and forcing through education 'reform' which would see teacher training colleges like Ayotzinapa and critical, democratic education systems like that in Oaxaca closed down and replaced with a neoliberal model based on standardised testing, performance related pay and education in English. This will ensure as the statement puts it, that Mexico is not only economically and politically subservient to the United States but also culturally. At the same time the government is instigating massive funding cuts to both education and health.

However the aim of crushing dissent has not succeeded because first and foremost of the determination of the Mexican people to fight for justice and also because of the international solidarity which has shined a light on the Nieto government.

La lucha sigue!

The fight goes on!