As the school term ends in the British Columbian province of Canada, teachers are continuing their determined strike to force the government to honour its commitments to keep class size and composition within reasonable limits. As the video clip above makes clear, the main issue for teachers is a determination to reverse changes which are having a damaging effect on education in the province, particularly for the most vulnerable children.

Although the courts have ruled twice against the liberal government, it continues with its obdurate stance and seeks to blame the teachers and their union the British Columbia Teachers Federation (BCTF) for the impasse. It docked teachers' pay by 10% during the rolling strikes, effectively locking them out of school during break times and before and after school.Both parents and students have shown a great deal of support for the teachers' stand.

Teachers are now planning to picket summer schools, which are open to children who have failed their high school courses. The government, in a continuation of its provocative behaviour has gone to the Labour Relations Board to try to make the summer schools an essential service. In a deeply offensive statement the government said: 'I would ask the BCTF to look those kids — who are vulnerable, that they say they care about — in the eye and say, 'We've decided not to allow summer school.'

However both the commitment of the teachers and the underfunding of BC schools was made clear when teachers took home their own belongings at the beginning of the all out strike. According to an article in the Huffington Post, one teacher 'Has purchased puzzles, storage containers, stickers, decorations, science project supplies, and dress-up clothes — until her husband, who is also a teacher, had to remind her of financial obligations like their mortgage. "There were years when I spent over $1,000," she says.'

However it is the issue of class size and composition, which is the main issue for BC teachers and with the government refusing to accept the BCTF's offer to go to mediation, it is obvious that their agenda is to seriously weaken the BCTF rather than fulfill their obligations to BC's children. BC's teachers however are clearly not about to let that happen.