Police in Bahrain fired tear gas at a peaceful protest in a secondary school in Bahrain last week. Pupils were protesting against the arrest of 17 year old Hassan Humidan at the school on Monday. Pictures on Twitter show people covering their faces and spent tear gas cannisters at the scene.

Protests have been becoming more intense in Bahrain over the last week because of the staging of the F1 Grand Prix in the country.

Human rights and democracy are suppressed in Bahrain, which is one of the main allies of the UK and the US. The penalty for insulting the king or the country's symbols is up to five years in prison. Democracy campaigns in the country, since the revolutions which swept across the middle east, have been ruthlessly suppressed. The leader of the teachers union Mahdi Abu Dheeb is still in prison, still in ill health after suffering torture, for taking part in legitimate trade union action at that time.