Teachers Demonstrate in Bahrain Many teachers have been seized by security forces in Bahrain over the last fortnight 6 female teachers were seized last week from a school in Muharraq. More teachers and some pupils were arrested in Hamad. The education ministry is making a concerted effort to crush protests by teachers in Bahrain who have led strikes and demonstrations against the regime (see previous posts) and have arrested headteachers and administrative staff as well. Now a Bahraini military court has sentend 4 protestors to death. It is interesting that the Crown Prince of Bahrain was invited to today's royal wedding in the UK. Although he has chosen not to come his ambassador will be there as will the ambassador from Syria, which is also killing hundreds of protestors. The UK, the EU and the US all have long-standing interests in maintaining the despotic regimes in the Arab world. Meanwhile teachers are in the forefront of the fight to depose them.