Non-Government Teachers demonstrating in Dhaka last May Teachers in Bangladesh are striking this week to demand that their schools be nationalised The teachers, who work in non-government schools are demanding that their schools be brought into public ownership. The teachers, who work in  Barisal  - a large district in Southern Bangladesh are demanding an end to discrimination in education and the freeing of schools from political influence. The teachers are on strike for the whole of this week and say they will go on indefinite strike if their demands are not met. They staged a demonstration in Barisal City this morning. The World Bank and neo-liberal education theorists  see the private sector as having a key role in education in the Global South. This has been a particularly salient feature of  'reform' in South Asia. While governments starve public schools of cash, private companies and individuals are encouraged to open fee paying schools, often with unqualified and badly paid staff. A discourse of derision of public schools and their teachers is pursued in the media (often owned by corporations with a financial interest in the development of private education) to convince poor parents that they need to raise the money to pay for their children to go to private, low fee paying schools. Meanwhile teachers, like those in Bangladesh, are determined to fight for a properly funded and staffed freee public education service in their countries.