bangladesh-protest-2009-8-27-14-48-16.jpg  People in Bangladesh protesting against US exploitation of their oil fields Teachers in Bangladesh are in the forefront of a growing movement against the stealing of their countries assets by global coporations There was a half day strike today in which teachers and doctors were in the lead. The government has awarded 3 areas in the Bay of Bengal to ConocoPhillip and Tullow Oil for exploration for gas with the permission to export it. M. Shahidullah, a leader of the protestors is quoted in as calling for a general strike in Dhaka. "We cannot allow foreigners to take away our wealth while the country is badly needing it," he said. Bangla Desh - like many countries in the global south is a potentially rich country with huge mineral reserves and yet the majority of its people live in poverty with 40% subsisting on less than a dollar a day. A further larger protest is planned on October 16th. As in many other parts of the world teachers are in the leadership of the fight against free market policies which are reaking havoc both on their countries and their education systems.