A large number of teachers are involved in a hunger strike which they say they will maintain unto death. The teachers all work for schools which are called 'Non Monthly Payment Order (MPO)', which means that they get no money from the government and have to rely on local communities for their income. 8,000 schools and colleges employing hundreds of thousands of teachers and other school employees in the country are in this invidious position according to one of the organisers of the protest. As a result most of them are living in poverty.

The teachers are staging their fast in front of the National Press Club in the capital Dhaka. A spokesperson for the teachers said this was just the latest action in a long campaign for justice. Although they have written to the prime minister, her office has not responded to the call, despite speaking of the importance of education on numerous occasions, including at the United Nations. 

As teachers starve, global corporations continue to make a killing by exploiting the appalling pay and conditions in Bangladeshi garment factories, and the World Bank weeps crocodile tears about the number of children living in poverty and out of school.