Protest against Bill 78 in Montreal British Columbia Labour Federation (BC Fed) is supporting the sudents of Quebec in their struggle for higher education BC Fed, which includes the British Columbia Teachers Federation (BCTF) has started a petition supporting the students who have been struggling for months to reverse crippling fee increases. BC Fed has also well welcomed speakers from the students to explain their case. The Quebec government reacted brutally to the students' strikes and demonstrations by sending in the security forces to attack them with tear gas and rubber bullets, as well as arresting hundreds, including minors, and imposing large fines. As a result of the action the government introduced Bill 78 - emergency legislation which restricts the right to free assembly, especially at or near universities and also restricts the right to strike of workers in education. So far the bill has been largely ineffective as students keep up their protests. As in so many parts of the world, students in Quebec are some of the leaders in the fight for free education. The action of BC Fed is an expression of solidarity with them which is to be welcomed.