Bedouin School under Threat of Demolition A school built and serving the Bedouin community in the West Bank is to be demolished under Israeli plans  The Israeli government is planning to 'relocate' about 2,300 Bedouin people - two thirds of whom are children - from their lands in the West Bank and remove them to land adjecent to a rubbish dump on the edge of  Jerusalem. The people live in villages close to illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank and have built their own school which is now threatened with demolition. The Israelis plan to move the communities in the new year. According to the website tiny communities perched on the bleak rocky hills which roll down towards the Dead Sea endure a harsh existence without electricity, running water, sanitation, paved roads and medical facilities. The bedouin homes are makeshift structures of wood, corrugated iron and tarpaulin. The nearby Jewish settlements, in contrast, are connected to utilities and services. Ma'ale Adumim, home to almost 40,000 people and which overlooks the Jahalin communities, has 21 schools, 80 kindergartens, a public transport network, libraries, swimming pools and shopping malls. A school serving the young Bedouin children, built two and a half years ago from old car tyres and mud, is also threatened following pressure from nearby settlers. "Since the beginning they wanted to move us from here, but building the school made it worse," said Hamis, adding that the settlers saw it as a sign of permanence In another development, the Israeli government has freed 55 children from its jails - however 106 remain incarcerated. According to a report from Defence of the Child International, Israeli security forces arrest some 700 Palestinian children every year (see previous posts) International human rights advocates are calling for an end to these arrests as well as an end to the shooting of children on the Gaza strip - who are shot when attempting to gather hardcore for building materials near the Israeli border. The Israeli blockade prevents building materials being brought into the Gaza strip - so that houses and schools which were destroyed during the Israeli attacks two years ago cannot be rebuilt. To hear a US congressman speaking to Congress about this issue go to: