Primary Classroom in Benin Teachers in Benin are on strike demanding to be given written contracts and to be paid properlyThe teachers - in all three sectors of education - nursery, primary and secondary - are demanding that a 25% pay increase which has been given to all other public servants be also given to teachers. The teachers' union asks how Boni Yayi - Benin's head of state - who is now the head of t he African Union - can possibly help to solve problems in the rest of the continent when he can't sort out the problems of education in his own country. According to a press release from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), that organisation encouraged the Benin government this January to make 'savings from the wage bill', 'review allowances and entitlements . .  and the postponement of some recruitments'. So in yet another country in the Global South, the IMF applies the same formula - cut public spending in order to 'stabilise public finances' - which is being visited more and more on countries in Europe and other parts of the 'developed' world, where the economic crisis is also causing devastation.