Teachers Demonstrate in Benin Teachers in Benin are still striking in their fight for decent pay and for permanent contracts Teachers in all sectors in Benin have been on strike since the middle of January,demanding the 25% pay increase, which has been given to all other government employees. Teachers all over the country will be protesting tomorrow and demanding that the government negotiate with the unions in a reasonable manner, after their leaders were bullied and threatened and told their demands were illegitimate, in talks at the Presidential palace. The union leaders say the president, Boni Yayi, is afraid of losing the support of the International Monetary Fund - 'We have become a sort of appendage of foreign powers' one said. A press release from the IMF says that the organisation was encouraging the Benin government to 'make savings from the wage bill.' Meanwhile the President is threatening to use force to get the teachers back to work. As well as a pay increase, the teachers are demanding that the government does not go back on its decree which would give temporary teachers proper contracts.