Thousands of school and university students marched through the streets of the German capital last Thursday to demonstrate their support for refugees from around the world who come to Germany looking for asylum. Carrying a huge banner which said, 'we are bringing politics lessons onto the streets', the students chanted slogans in support of asylum seekers in Berlin and other parts of the country. They sang in English 'sing it loud, sing it clear, refugees are welcome here' and shouted calls for 'the right to stay everywhere, no human being is illegal!'

The organisers an end to the 'inhuman conditions in which refugees are detained and to the stealing of their democratic rights.' They say that there have been numerous protests by refugees against racist laws and demand that the laws be changed, emphasising that free movement is everyone's right.

The scenes in Berlin were reminiscent of those in Paris, last October, when took to the streets to protest the forced removal of Roma classmates.