Berlin's teachers are on strike again today, in the latest stage of their long battle for equal pay and improved conditions of work. An anomaly exists in the capital between teachers who are known as Angestellte (or employees) and those who are so-called Beamte (or civil servants) – even though they do the same work. Ever since 2004, no new teachers have been taken on as Beamte in the town. The GEW union is demanding that the government negotiates over this issue, particularly as there is a teacher shortage in the town, partly caused by the lower pay which Berlin's teachers receive.

A large rally was held today in a central square in the city, which was joined by a demonstration of school students. A spokesperson for the students told the rally: 'Teachers and learners must demonstrate on the streets in unity.' One of them told reporters, “Our teachers are always there for us to help us learn, so now we're here to support them.” 

This is the 15th day's strike action, and teachers fear there will need to be more, before their demands are met.