The private language teaching corporation Berlitz is suing unionised teachers in Japan for going on strike The teachers - members of the Berlitz General Union Tokyo (BEGUNTO) went on strike to demand a 4.6% pay rise to compensate them for a new contract brought in in 2005 which increased their weekly lessons from 35 to 40 with no increase in pay. The situation is exacerbated because teachers are paid on a per lesson basis. As a result of the strike Berlitz has taken some teachers to court because they say that the strike is illegal as it set out to damage the company. Teachers who rely on the company for their livelihood say of course that is not the case - they simply want justice.However so far the company are stalling on bringing their evidence and union leaders in Japan are concerned that if the case is found in their favour it could have an effect on labour rights for all workers in Japan.The teachers are demanding that the legal action against the teachers be withdrawn and are still fighting for a pay increase and bonus. Berlitz workers in Germany have sent a message of solidarity to their colleagues in Japan. If you are part of this situation and wish me to put something on the blog please contact me at